Cabal Vision

-Jim: Welcome to Cabal Vision! Greetings Bob

-Bob: Hello Jim

-Jim: About last night match.

-Bob: What about last night match?

-Jim: the review Bob.

-Bob: Yes Jim, that why we’re here.

-Jim: -sigh- Yes Bob, That why.

-Bob: Last night, the first match of one of our promising team against a team that already had a game. In the…League Barbecue?

-a goblin arrive and whisper to his hear-

-Bob: Oh indeed! the League of Blood Bowl of Quebec. Whatever may that place be. To you Jim.

-Jim: Indeed, last night the Khemri team Seth’s Bargain played its first match against the Foutu Rats and finished on a draw. The first half of the match was well maintained at a stall by the undead with a impenatrable formation

-Bob: Cages, Jim, these are hard to break.

-Jim: Yes, but at the last moment before the half-time, one of the skavens picked up the ball and scored a point against the opposing team.

-Bob: Tell’hem about the secound round Jim.

-Jim: Yes, at the second half of the game, players started falling like fly.

-Bob: more like rats Jim.

-Jim: The Khemri team miraculously had their tomb guardian #1 Ramses, pick up the ball after another player got knocked down. This one event led the team slowly to their only point of the match, leading to a Draw!

-Bob: Miraculous, Jim. Who would have thought these thousands of years-old decayed corpses would one day really score a touchdown?

-Jim: I don’t know Bob. But certainly this team might produce more miracles like this one.

-Bob: Now to our Sponsor…

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